Local Missions

Our Thrift Store serves as a vital part of our church and ministry. They are the foundation for all of our daily church work, local ministry as well as the life spring of the funds generated to support foreign and local missions alike.

We have reduced our locations to one:

Rincon / Effingham County

The services we offer include, but are not limited to, helping those in need of clothing, utility payments, rent, housewares, etc. The one thing that sets what we do apart from simply a charity is that we address spiritual needs before the physical needs. We believe that there is a reason that the Lord sends every person that walks into our doors. Furthermore, we believe that that reason is always rooted in something much deeper and more important than the material need they come in for.

There is a hurting and dark world out there and compassionate lights are few and far between. Many churches and ministries have been overrun with calls and visitors needing assistance and are not equipped to handle them, and oft times don’t really know how to help. This is where we seek for the Lord to use us.

Anyone can call to schedule an assistance interview. Every0ne that applies for clothing assistance is approved at the conclusion of the interview. No one is turned away. Individuals that need financial assistance must be interviewed and then have the applications submitted to a Board of Directors for a decision for funds. Decisions may take 12-72 business hours depending on the amount requested and the day of the week and other factors.

We also offer Bibles, Discipleship classes, Gospel Tracts, Evangelism training and more locally.

If you need assistance, please call us at the number below or send us an email via the contact form below.

Rincon: 912-826-2981

If you would like to help us help others in need, there are several easy ways to do so:

  1. You can pray for us. We need your prayers desperately.
  2. You can clean out your closets, basements, atics, garage’s, business over stocks, etc and donate them to our ministry. These donations are tax deductible.
  3. You can shop in our store. Our store is well maintained and organized and there are always great deals.