Mission Trip Blogs

  • 2004-July-Mexico

    09 Feb 2017 in  Mission Trip admin

    This was a trip to Tapachula Mexico with a team from Grace Community Church in Rincon, GA. We went there to serve with Mission on the Move’s Children’s home there.

    This would be my first mission experience serving under my church in partnership with another ministry. The ministry we were going to serve under was Mission on the Move out of Springfield, GA. At the time, they had two childrens homes, one each for boys and girls. Their ministry goes into the prisons to try and take children out of the prison and places them in their homes. I didn’t realize that in the Mexican justice system, children may have to go to prison with the parent(s) if there is nowhere on the outside for them to stay. As you can imagine, many horrible things happen to those children on the inside.

  • 2004-January-Malawi

    09 Feb 2017 in  Mission Trip admin

    The first trip to Malawi ended with Randy McEwen falling into a prideful trap and choosing in his spiritual immaturity and ignorance to cast off the original purpose of going to Malawi, being a helpmeet to Wood World Missions, and to instead establish a ‘permanent’ base of operations for Acts III Global Ministries in Malawi. Ambition, glory-seeking, tower-of-Babel-building, are all very subtle ploys of the enemy. Take heed.

    The planned purpose of this trip was to further establish the work that Acts III had begun just two months earlier in Malawi. The goals were to develop the leaders, preach, evangelize, disciple and to minister, and to seek other avenues to fulfilling what we thought were God’s purposes in Malawi for Acts III.

  • 2003-November-Malawi

    09 Feb 2017 in  Mission Trip admin

    Overview – this was Acts III’s first journey to Malawi. Randy McEwen was invited there by Wood World Missions to work along side them and to assist Mercy Wood so she would not be in the country alone. Before leaving, Acts III’s board authorized $1,000 to be taken to assist Mercy & WWM to purchase some land. This blog comes directly from Randy McEwen’s journal. What we hope the reader will see here is a lot of spiritual immaturity, missing the direction of God, how flesh got in the way, as well as see how the Lord worked during and after this trip as a consequence of certain decisions. Some of these will be more evident as the story develops over the rest of the trip blogs.

  • 2003-April–Ghana

    09 Feb 2017 in  Mission Trip admin

    In April of 2003 I took my first mission trip, and it was to Ghana, West Africa. Before I tell you about what the Lord did on the trip, I need to first tell you how the trip came about. That is an amazing testimony all in itself.